VIDEO: Construction Workers Taking Advantage of Mild Weather


The construction sector is benefiting from the unseasonably warm weather in Windsor-Essex.

So far this winter, there has been more rain than snow which is providing local home builders with more days on the job.

Dave Rauti of Rauti Custom Homes tells CTV News he was anticipating a colder winter with more snow, but since that hasn't been the case, they're looking to start the spring construction season now.

"With the way the weather has been, we have some permits coming in we're looking to get into the ground actually probably as soon as this week," says Rauti.

Andy Grabish of BK Masonry says his crew worked through the weekend to get ahead of the game.

"Normally we're frozen and it's all snow around here right now. It's nice we don't have to use the heaters and tarp up because tarping up can take a half day," says Grabish. "The fuel cost on the heater is over $100 a day so that's a lot of savings when we don't have to use the heater."

By this time last year, Environment Canada says 29cm of snow had fallen. The normal high for this time of the year is -1°C. The forecasted high Monday was 9°C.