VIDEO: Coyote Spotted in Malden Park


Coyotes are appearing in more areas than just LaSalle.

A Windsor resident was recently walking her 98 lb german shepherd at Malden Park in west Windsor near Matchette Road, when she and her friend spotted a coyote following them.

Catherine Murphy says the coyote was very curious about them and didn't run away, despite her big dog.   

"My friend wanted to run, I told her no," she says.  "We ended up picking up some rocks because we didn't have anything else, my dog wasn't afraid and neither was the coyote."

She would like the city of Windsor to post signs warning people at the park that coyotes may be present.

What really scared her was when the coyote mounted a berm, threw its head back and began to howl.

"I thought is he calling reinforcement, what is he doing?", she asked.

She informed two men about the coyote who later told them the animal had taken down a deer.

"They told us, by seconds, we missed this coyote chasing a deer and the deer didn't fare well," says Murphy.

City Naturalist Karen Cedar says people shouldn't be surprised to see more and more coyotes as they are an urban animal.

"They are regularly seen throughout the entire city, even downtown Windsor," she says.

The key, says Cedar, is to show the coyote that you are something to be afraid of.

"Just like any wildlife, that's the kind of thing where you want to show them you are something to be afraid of and that they should run away from you and they are easily deterred."

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, Cedar says it is recommended people carry a little air horn, easily purchased at the Dollarstore, which will scare a coyote away.

Cedar says coyotes have never attacked a small child.

LaSalle is trying to come up with a solution as there have been numerous reports of coyotes attacking small dogs in people's backyards, and in one case, the coyote killed a dog on Bouffard Rd. 


With files from AM800's Kathie McMann