VIDEO: Crash Prompts Mom To Beg Drivers To Pay Attention


A Maidstone woman is begging drivers to pay attention after her husband and son were involved in a horrific crash last month.

The crash happened on Highway 3 and Walker Rd. on Wednesday, September 25th around 6:30pm.

Sally Lemire says her 28-year-old Justin Lemire was driving the vehicle with her husband, 51-year-old Barry Lemire, in the passenger seat.

She says they were stopped at a stop light when, for unknown reasons, they were rear-ended by another vehicle at a high rate of speed.

She received a call from her husband about the crash and indicating that her son was 'unresponsive.'

Lemire says driving to the hospital to see her son was a nightmare.

"All the way there, I was literally trying to figure out why can't I cry? The only thing I can think of is the reason I couldn't cry is because I needed to be able to see and pay attention to that road so that I did not get myself into an accident on my way," she says.

Barry Lemire suffered bumps and bruises, but Justin Lemire suffered a fractured skull, a blown eardrum and brain bleed.

Lemire says her son is recovering at home, but it will be a long road.

"We don't know if he is going to fully recover because it is a closed head brain injury, so we are not guaranteed on a full recovery, we are not guaranteed on not a full recovery," she says.


Crash scene Walker Road and Highway 3, September 25, 2019 (courtesy OPP)

The OPP are looking for witnesses to the crash.


Lemire says she doesn't know why the vehicle rammed into the back of her son's vehicle.

"If you are looking at the radio, if you are texting, if you are yelling at your kids in the back whatever anybody is doing that is distracting them, it is not worth it because it can ruin your life or someone else's," she says.

OPP have confirmed charges are pending in relation to the incident and the investigation is ongoing.


With files from Gord Bacon