VIDEO: Different Promises from Different Leaders


Day 10 of the Federal Election had promises of everything from gun control to supplying oil and carbon-free public transit.

Here in Windsor, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made a stop at NDP MP Incumbent Tracey Ramsey's office.

Under an NDP government, he says prescription drugs would be made more affordable.

He says people would be able to access their medication using their health card, not their credit card.

The plan would be to buy the medication in bulk across the country, therefore making drugs cheaper.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was in Toronto on Friday at the scene of a shooting rampage in Toronto's Greektown.

He outlined a Liberal plan to help stem a growing tide of gun violence in the country. 

The plan includes a bid to ban assault-type weapons and giving cities the power to ban handguns.


In Moncton, NB., Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is promising to spend $1.5 billion to buy new medical imaging equipment for facilities across the country.

According to Scheer, a Conservative government would buy MRI and CT machines to replace aging ones, which he says would reduce wait times for those tests.

He is also highlighting his promise to maintain and increase the Canada Health Transfer, which provides long-term health-care funding to the provinces and territories.

Meanwhile, the Greens say they want Canada's public ground transportation to be carbon-free by 2040.

Party leader Elizabeth May says to get there, the country needs to rapidly shift away from gasoline-powered transportation.

The party is also proposing to ban the sale of cars with internal combustion engines by 2030, exempt electric vehicles from federal sales tax, and build more charging stations for them.

— With files from The Canadian Press