VIDEO: Downtown Windsor Business Owners Fed-Up


Some local business owners are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to cleaning up parts of downtown Windsor.

There are three vacant buildings along Goyeau St., just before Wyandotte St., that have been vacant for over five years and people in the neighbourhood say they've had enough.

Maggie Chaker works at Antoine Greige Salon and Spa and tells CTV Windsor, she and some of her co-workers recently started cleaning up themselves.

"It took a little girl watching a guy shoot up, and I said this isn't right," says Chaker. "We picked up about 11 industrial bags of garbage. We don't even have a needle box around here but they have one on the other side."

Daniela Maceroni is the director of sales and manager at the Quality Inn and Suites. She says they are constantly removing people from their property and calling the police.

"It's unfortunate they have nowhere to go but we all have businesses to run. We wanna make sure we have a safe area," she says.

In addition to the local business owners and neighbours cleaning up, the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association (DWBIA) also has crews that are cleaning up daily.

DWBIA President Brian Yeomans says he appreciates the efforts of the Goyeau St. neighbourhood.

"It's just a matter of the building owners, if they don't have a tenant in there, to pick up their socks and take a little pride in the community," says Yoemans.

Five new yellow sharp bins have been donated to the city and council will decide next month where they should go.