VIDEO: Feds Announce New Regulations for Drones


It looks like the federal government is trying to get ahead of the problem of drones, before it actually becomes one in this country. 

Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau has announced new regulations that would clamp down on drones by adding an extra step before you fly them for fun or for work.

He says the new regulations will require anyone flying a drone in Canada to pass an online exam and get a drone pilot's certificate. 

The news comes after recent drone sightings at London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports which caused flight delays and chaos for travellers.

Kristen Thomasen is an Assistant Professor of Law, Robotics & Society at the University of Windsor.       

Speaking on the Afternoon News, she says drones must be registered and will have to have a registration number on them.

"That will obviously only work if somebody can either excess that registration number, by seeing it or if the drone is apprehended and then the drone can be traced back to the operator," says Thomasen.  "So important for enforcement."    

She adds says drones can cause social discomfort.

"Drones have a big impact on people who encounter them as bystanders and sometimes that's a negative impact and a lot of the challenges come from the fact that drones operate, separated from their pilot," says Thomasen.     

Garneau says the government is working with security agencies and airports to develop measures to prevent drones from flying into space reserved for aircraft.


—  With files from AM800's Patty Handysides