VIDEO: First Barron Bowl Fundraiser Hits Atkinson Skate Park


The city green lit a project in honour of Windsor's Ryan Barron early last month, and the community is already kicking the fundraising effort into high gear.

Barron was struck and killed by a car in Vancouver back in 2016 and city council approved a $200,000 concrete bowl that will carry his name to be added to the Atkinson Skate Park in West Windsor.

The skateboarding community gathered at the park on Sunday for what organizer Ashleigh Langsford hopes will be the first of many fundraisers.

She says $150,000 is needed to break ground on the project and only $40,000 has been raised so far.

"There's a long way to go so we're going to be having a lot more events," she says. "Hopefully we'll be having this event every year."

Langsford says the party and the potential new feature at the park it will be paying for is a fitting way to remember Barron.

"I know that he would really be happy with what's going on here ... bringing the Windsor skateboarding community together," added Langsford.

She tells AM800 News the bowl will be more than just a memorial at the skate park.

"It's a very popular thing for the skaters around here, but the closest one is in Detroit and there's one in London," she says. "There's nothing really like that in this area."

Langsford says they raised $1,200 during Sunday's fundraiser. 

The Friends for Atkinson Park hope to have the Barron Bowl open by spring 2020.

Donations to the project can also be dropped off at Windsor's City Hall.