VIDEO: Flooding and Freezing in Chatham-Kent


The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority is keeping a close eye on flooding in Chatham-Kent.

The authority has issued a flood watch for the Lake Erie Shoreline.

The watch was first issued on Friday but has been extended due to the potential of strong winds this evening.

Over the weekend, members of the authority were out on Erie Shore Dr. in Chatham.

Manager of Watershed and Information Jason Wintermute says there was a lot flooding in the area on Saturday.

He says this flooding was different because of the freezing temperatures.

Wintermute says when the waves hit the break wall, the spray from the waves froze.

"Froze all over the trees, over peoples homes, over the yards, even a little bit on the road and that just created really treacherous icy conditions everywhere," says Wintermute.  "Water on utility lines, like power lines, on the roadway and all over the place, making it really dangerous."       

He says there are still some icy conditions along Erie Shore Drive.

"Everywhere is a little bit different, areas that had lots of shade are still more icy and some areas are melting out okay," says Wintermute.  "So that's how it is now, it's tough to say on any particular persons property what it's like."       

Wintermute says around 40 properties were impacted by the flooding and freezing on Saturday.

He says there are roughly 120 properties on Erie Shore Drive.