VIDEO: Inquest Makes Ten Recommendations to Prevent Fall Deaths


A Windsor Coroner's Jury has issued a total of ten recommendations to three agencies in the deaths of  two workers.

53-year-old Brian Izsak and 44-year-old Robert Morneau both died after falling through an opening in a roof.

They died of multiple trauma in separate incidents on construction sites within five months of each other in 2016.

Many of the recommendations are around the hazards of skylights and openings, especially that there be regulations on the strength of skylights or that there be railings around the openings.

Denise Morneau is Rob's mother.


Fall victim Rob Morneau's mother Denise, Ontario Superior Court, October 10, 2019 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

She wants the agencies to quickly adopt the recommendations.

"I just hope that they come to be sooner than later" says Denise Morneau.  "That this never happens to anyone else, that no family ever has to endure what we have endured."

She admits the coroner's jury hearing has been emotional.

"Sad, overwhelming, I can speak for the rest of my family we felt exhausted" says Morneau.  "Hard to listen to all of the steps but absolutely knowing at the same time that we would have not missed it for anything, that we wanted to be here purposely so that this never, ever happens to anyone again."

Brian Izsak's brother John says having the recommendations adopted would ease the pain of both families.


Fall victim Brian Izsak's brother John, Ontario Superior Court, October 10, 2019 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"It be implemented fairly soon so no other families have to go through this" says John Izsak.  "And for the Morneaus and the Izsaks I think it would be a little bit of closure if they do come into place."

The recommendations are issued to the Ontario Ministries of Labour and Municipal Affairs and Housing as well as the National Research Council of Canada.

Six of the recommendations are to change the building code to make skylights and openings able to support a significant weight or have a railing and that they have warning labels.

They also call for permanent anchor points on commercial buildings over 3-metres high for fall protection systems.

The Ministry of Labour is also asked to implement that a spotter be in place for an exposed opening until a secure cover is in place.