VIDEO: Late Michelle Prince Receives Human Touch Award


A tribute to the late Michelle Prince.

Cancer Care Ontario has posthumously honoured her with the Human Touch Award, given to someone who makes meaningful differences for cancer patients and their families.

Prince, wife of former Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis,  was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2014.  

She set up a Facebook page to inspire other cancer patients as well as creating the Michelle Prince Tote Bag program.

Chief of Oncology Dr. Sindu Kanjeekal says despite her diagnoses, Prince never stopped helping others and found a purpose for her pain.

"When she was in the chemotherapy suite, she would ask the nurses, is there anybody new here today and if there was, she would get up, grab her IV pole and walk over to them and just talk to them, chat with them a little bit and really the message was, you are not alone," says Dr. Kanjeekal.

Eddie Francis says helping others was Michelle's award.

"Throughout her life she was committed and dedicated to others, so to have this award here for us as a family is remarkable moment for us, but it is also an overwhelming moment as well."

Prince had 80 chemotherapy sessions and three major surgeries before passing away in November of 2018.

The Windsor Regional Cancer Centre sees 2,000 new patients every year.