VIDEO: Local Group Pushing Back Against Proposed Chick-Fil-A


A proposed Chick-Fil-A restaurant is making its way through the approval process in Windsor.

On Monday night, council passed the initial zoning plan for the restaurant on Howard Ave near Devonshire Mall.

That’s not sitting well with the local Facebook group 'Keep Chick-Fil-A Out of Windsor.'

The group held a protest outside of city hall and spokesperson Jolene Bulmer says the restaurant has no place in Windsor due to its unethical treatment of animals and stances made by the company's CEO on LGBTQ groups.

"There are two reasons why we find Chick-Fil-A unethical. The first is because they abuse animals. It's absolutely ridiculous. The second one is because the CEO Dan Cathy, himself, is a homophobe. He does not believe that same-sex marriage should be legal. He's voiced his opinions on countless platforms."

She says the numbers speak for themselves.

"Chick-Fil-A is responsible for over 30-million baby chicks being slaughtered a year. It doesn't matter that they have no hormones or no fillers, these chicks have been bred in such a way that they gain weight at an alarming rate where they can't even support their legs. It's animal abuse. It's unethical. We are not going to stand for it."


The proposed site plan for a new Chick-Fil-A location at 3060 Howard Ave. in Windsor. (Photo via/

It's important to note nothing is set in stone just yet as the zoning approval is the first step in the planning process — the Chick-Fil-A proposal will come back to council for final approval in the future.

Bulmer says her group is prepared to keep fighting.

"At the next meeting there will be another protest and they will actually have delegates. So we will make our voices heard at that meeting. If this does go through, then you can bet that we will be protesting very often at the location. There's no space for this unethical, hateful corporation in our community."

The 'Keep Chick-Fil-A Out of Windsor' Facebook group has nearly 400 members.