VIDEO: Nemak Open to Discussions on Collective Agreement


Nemak says it is ready to talk with the union regarding the on-going blockade and collective agreement.

In a statement released by the company Monday morning, it says, "It is the company's firm position that it has followed the terms of the full plant closure notice language" and that the union is well aware of the sharp decline in customer demand.

The company announced that it is closing the west Windsor plant in mid-2020 and moving its product to Mexico, affecting 270 workers. 

The union contends the closure is a violation of the contract that the plant would remain open until 2022.

The union filed a grievance and has staged a blockade since Labour Day Monday.

Nemak says it is prepared to extend the time limits already expired in regards to the grievance.

It says in the event the union decides to meet and a resolution is not obtained, a referral to arbitration would be the appropriate and lawful next step.

Meanwhile, Area NDP MPP's have fired off a letter to Ontario Premier Doug Ford demanding action at the Nemak Plant.

Windsor West NDP MPP Lisa Gretzky, Windsor-Tecumseh NDP MPP Percy Hatfield and Essex NDP MPP Taras Natyshak are asking Premier Ford to step in and at the very least, have a conversation with both sides to see if there is a resolution.

"The premier has done nothing, doing nothing is not an option," says Gretzky. "He has to do something to save these jobs and what he can do to do that, is to come up with an auto strategy."

There is a court order to stop the blockade, but the union is not abiding by it.

Meanwhile, Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister is calling out Nemak to get back to the table with Windsor workers.

Chrystia Freeland met with the Unifor leadership from Locals 444 and 200 today for an update.

She was brought up to speed on the Nemak blockade and the state of the third shift at the Windsor Assembly plant.