VIDEO: No Quick Fix to LaSalle's Coyote Problem

Coyote ISTOCK karlumbriaco

Finding a solution to LaSalle's coyote problem is not going to be easy.

A dog was attacked and killed in early June while another dog lost an eye in an attack on June 23rd, both in the backyards of homes on Bouffard Road.


James Nemeth's dog Moka was attacked by a coyote in LaSalle on June 23rd (Photo courtesy of James Nemeth)

LaSalle police and town councillor Jeff Renaud recently met with the Ministry of Natural Resources, to discuss the range of legalities when it comes to dealing with coyotes and any possible solutions to the problem.

Senior Constable Terry Seguin says the conversation included the ecological and biological impact of trapping, moving or killing the coyotes.

He says if you live trap an animal, you're only allowed to move it within one-kilometre from where you trapped it.

Seguin says how they address the issue could impact the coyote population in different ways.

"We've been told that by diminishing the population, it may cause them to have increased litter sizes to repopulate their pack," says Seguin.

He says there are also bylaws within the town that don't allow people to shoot or hunt within town limits.

"There may need to be some attention and some discussion on making some exemptions in certain circumstances to the bylaws, so we can properly manage all of these concerns and all these questions on things that overlap and certain laws that negate other laws," says Seguin.

A report has just been finalized discussing potential solutions but Seguin says it will be up to town officials to figure out how to legally act and what authorities they can act on.

There's no word when the report will go before council.