VIDEO: Non-Animal Testing Lab Opens at U of Windsor


Calling it a 'crime and nightmare', the investors behind a new non-animal testing lab attended its grand opening at the University of Windsor. 

The celebration for the 'Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods' or,  C-CAM, took place Thursday morning in the Essex CORe building.

The new research lab is dedicated to developing and promoting non-animal testing thanks to a $1-million donation in 2018 by the Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation.  

Margolis was a former owner and chair of Jamieson Lab and has turned his attention to ending animal testing.

"Stopping any and all animal testing is one of my hearts' main projects," he says. "Secondly because it was in Windsor, dear ole Windsor, glad to do something here."

He says it gives the university a unique opportunity to stand out in education and the scientific landscape.

The donation is also in line with the work that was done when he owned Jamieson Laboratories. 

"At Jamieson, my tradition and policy was never ever any animal testing." he said.  "I thought it was a crime and a nightmare and I said the only animal that we are going to test on at Jamieson is me."

Margolis has high hopes for the lab.

"To end this crime of animal testing, if you do it, I will be a completely happy person and so will all the little animals like beagles and rabbits and things who are due to be tortured, would make me very proud of Windsor."

University President Robert Gordon says this will push the study of human biology in unprecedented ways.

CCAAM's Executive Director Charu Chandrasekera says research in the lab is aimed at understanding human biology in health and disease and will use human cells from cadavers and from surgical remains.