VIDEO: PrideFest Head Questions Eliminating LGBTQ Terms from Sex-Ed


The President of  Windsor PrideFest is scratching his head over the latest changes to the sex-education curriculum.

David Lenz says the LGBTQ terms have been eliminated.

The Ontario government released the document Wednesday morning and it contains many elements from the previous document by the Liberal government.

In the new curriculum, sexual orientation will be a mandatory topic taught in Grade 5, earlier than in the Liberals' curriculum, which had it in Grade 6.

Gender identity will be a mandatory topic in Grade 8 — it was previously mandatory in Grade 6.

But speaking on AM800's the Lynn Martin Show, Lenz believes using words like lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender helps to create an inclusive society.

"Reduces the potential for discrimination, homophobia and transphobia," he says.  "We find that when we teach the younger generation that early, it just eliminates that coming up."

Lenz says using words like lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender are nowhere to be found in the document.

"It is called now factors affecting their understanding of themselves and personal identity including sexual orientation," he says.  "So it is basically like they want to do something to make people happy, but just kind of sugarcoat it and hide things."

There are also options in the new curriculum where parents can have their children opt out of certain teaching blocks.