VIDEO: Proposed Pot Farm Causing Concern in Tecumseh


Tecumseh residents are speaking out against a proposed cannabis farm.

The greenhouse is slated to go on Highway 3 in Oldcastle, but dozens of residents attended Tecumseh council's Tuesday night meeting to oppose the location.

Celeste O'Neil lives in Oldcastle and says the public needs a chance to have its say.

"We're just concerned that there's a proposed cannabis facility and we weren't told about it. There was no notification or public consultation. We would like to have an opportunity to bring the community together to be able to have input about what will this look like because it is no new, this industry."

O'Neil says it's a terrible place for a pot farm.

"The odour is really the biggest concern. This particular facility is close to residential. It's right beside the cemetery. It's right beside the Greenway trail. So the odour is really a concern. People live there. We don't want our property values impacted, we don't want to smell it, the quality of life."


Oldcastle residents Judy Robson (left) and Celeste O'Neil (right) speaking about a proposed cannabis greenhouse in OIdcastle (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

Judy Robson lives near the proposed site and says it's surrounded by residential properties.

"It would be similar if you placed it on Ouellette Ave in downtown Windsor. Our greatest concern was the secrecy of all this. Nobody knew about it. There are residents very close who have no idea that they could wake up and there would be a cannabis facility in their backyard."

O'Neil adds her group is not completely against a cannabis greenhouse in Oldcastle, they just believe there must be a better place for it such as land along the 401.

Tecumseh council agreed to have administration put together a report on regulations around location, size and odour mitigation for cannabis farms.

That report is expected to come back early next year.