VIDEO: Protest Pushes for Hwy. 3 Expansion into Leamington


Dozens of motorcycles and vehicles slowly made their way up and down Highway 3 in protest from Essex to Leamington Saturday. 

Greg Knight lost his brother Tyler on Highway 3 in June, one of many fatalities on the stretch of road between Essex and Leamington.


Tyler Knight, 50, died in a motorcycle crash on Highway 3 (Courtesy of GoFundMe page)

The province recently announced it would twin the road from Essex to Ruthven beginning in 2021, but Greg says that's not going to cut it.

"The government is going to twin it up to Ruthven, but is that enough? I don't think so," says Knight, who hopes Ontario Premier Doug Ford pays close attention to the protest. "It should be going all the way with all the trucks going in and out of Leamington."

He says Tyler "would do anything for anyone that he could," so sitting back and waiting isn't an option.

"I have to do something, my brother would fight for it too and this is the only way we know how, peacefully for everyone," says Knight. "Just keep reminding everyone how dangerous that road really is."

Tracey Rogers got up bright and early to ride her motorcycle in the convoy.

She tells AM800 News the area being twinned isn't the only issue; work needs to start earlier than 2021.

"This is all about friends and family. This is about people living and the people that we love because we're sick of losing people," she says.

After speaking with OPP, organizers agreed to maintain a minimum speed of 60km/h on the 80km/h highway to get their point across and still allow traffic to flow safely.

The convoys circled Highway 3 from 10am to 2pm Saturday.

Greg says the group will hold the protest every year until Highway 3 is twinned from Essex all the way to Leamington.