VIDEO: Pupatello to Represent Liberals in Windsor West


It's official — Sandra Pupatello is the Liberal candidate in Windsor West for the upcoming federal election.

The former cabinet minister beat Hsiao D'ailly at a party nominaton meeting held Wednesday night.

Pupatello was the MPP in Windsor West from 1995 to 2011 when she did not seek re-election.

She says she's been itching to come back since she left politics.

"It really was hard to watch on the sidelines because we had no representation, not federally or provincially, and people feel that. So when I heard that constant refrain, we need someone in our corner, we need someone going to bat for us, clearly they felt that we haven't had that."

Pupatello says she's got a great team behind her and she's confident they'll come out on top.

"I'm really excited because we've got a crew of people that were helping me win the nomination. We're ready to hit the ground running. I'm going to stand on my record. We did it before, we're going to do it again. The only difference this time is I'm a lot smarter than I was then. So it's going to be better in my view."


Sandra Pupatello at a Windsor West Liberal nomination meeting held September 4, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

She says she's looking forward to turning the long-time NDP riding red.

"I admit that it will be my toughest campaign. It will be the toughest election. I will need all hands on deck. We're going to have to find every single person that wants to vote Liberal whether you're a Conservative voter and you're just unhappy with the leadership that you have at the moment or if you're NDP and you really are unhappy with that leadership which I hear a lot."

Pupatello will be going up against incumbent Brian Masse of the NDP, Conservative Henry Lau and Daryl Burrell of the People's Party of Canada.

Masse has held the seat in the riding since 2002.

The federal election goes October 21.