VIDEO: Storm Rips through Patio of Dominion House Tavern


A west-Windsor bar is busy cleaning up after a storm tore through its patio Monday night.

Manager Jordan Tough says The Dominion House Tavern at 140 Sandwich St. had a full patio of customers watching hockey when the temperature dropped and the wind picked up around 9 p.m.  

He says staff got everyone inside just minutes before a massive tree limb landed on the deck.

"Just high wind gusts like nothing I've ever seen before coming across the patio," he says. "You see giant tree limbs falling, you see our outside bar; the top flies off of it. There are garbage cans everywhere. It all happened pretty quickly."

The deck is severely damaged and the beach volleyball courts are completely destroyed but no one was hurt, according to Tough.

He's thankful everyone reacted quickly, because someone could have been killed.

"For me knowing that I was outside two minutes before it happened was a little eye opener ... I still haven't fully wrapped my head around it," he added.

Tough says losing the tavern's only seating area is a major setback with the current COVID-19 restrictions.

"It does hit a little hard but 2020 is just throwing curveballs all day, you just follow through on it and we'll figure it out," he says.

The damage is still being assessed, but Tough says the plan is to have the deck repaired and reopen after the weekend.

Tough says the kitchen will remain open for takeout and delivery.