VIDEO: Study Finds $271M in Economic Activity at Port Windsor


The Port of Windsor is stunned following the results of its own economic impact study. 

It found close to 2,300 direct and indirect jobs are created by the port in this region generating an economic impact of about $271-million.

The port undertook the study to arm itself with facts to promote itself and what it does, in order to grow.

CEO Steve Salmons says the port and its 14 terminals does not operate at 100% capacity, so there is room to expand and create further jobs.

The study points out buildings, roads and homes are built with aggregate that comes through the port.

"90% of everything around you, everything you touch, you sleep on, you eat on, you wear, comes by ship at some point in its product life," says Salmons.

He says if the port is going to succeed in creating an international integrated transportation hub, then people have to know it exists.

Salmons says the port is a major economic force that most people don't know about.

"We have an advantage here and we are going to grow upon it, Port Windsor truly is where prosperity flows."

The Port of Windsor is the third largest Canadian port on the Great Lakes and the 10th largest in Canada.

The study also found the port employment generates $125-million in payroll.