VIDEO: Tall Ships a Hit in Kingsville


Residents were onboard with Tall Ships in Kingsville over the weekend.

The Port of Kingsville played host to six ships over from Friday to Sunday. Enthusiasts got a peek at the Iconic Blue Nose II, the Cooke Islands Picton Castle, SVT Fair  Jeanne, The HMCS Oriole, a Canadian Coast Guard vessel, and one of the largest Canadian tall ships in Empire Sandy.

Peter Bziuk made his way out from Tecumseh to experience the history the ships brought to the shores of Lake Erie.

"Some of these ships have gone around the world multiple times, for us to step foot on a ship that has that culture, experience and history is pretty fascinating," he says. "Obviously the crews take great care of these ships, you can tell just by walking on them ... they're in beautiful condition."

Leamington's Bill Wuerch was taken aback by all the ropes and riggings needed to sail the ships.

"Just amazing for these people to be able to put up these sails and sail the lakes and the oceans," he added.

The vessels will set sail for Brockville Ont. for the next leg of the Tall Ships Challenge, which comes through the Great Lakes every three years.