VIDEO: The Windsor Hum Remains A Mystery


Despite Windsor and Essex County residents having to endure the Windsor hum for years, there remains a mystery surrounding the source of the rumbling sound.
VICE News looked into the issue and found a lot of questions remain unanswered.

It aired a four-minute segment last night on HBO focusing on the Windsor Hum.

Speaking on AM800's the Morning Drive, Vice News Editor Justin Ling says crews managed to get passed security to get to Zug Island--the suspected source of the sound.

"We managed to sneak past security and drive onto the island and sit there on the main part of Zug Island and see the industrial wasteland that sits on there," says Ling.

Ling says despite all the publicity, there has been only one good Canadian report done on the issue.

"The international politics that went into the play that stopped Canadian researchers from making it to Detroit and Zug Island to do the research to figure out the source of this came down to many things, people speculated this that there is some sort of research on Zug Island."