VIDEO: Trade Focus at Chamber Candidates Debate


A wide range of issues were fielded by a dozen candidates from the four main parties in the three local ridings.

The Windsor Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce all-candidates debate attracted about 200 people to the Hellenic Centre on Tuesday. 

Among the issues touched on were climate change, support for the auto industry, how the candidate would handle a political scandal and national pharmacare.

In the debate for Essex Candidates, Conservative candidate Chris Lewis was clear in his position on a handgun ban.

"So if you're telling me that somebody from the Town of Kingsville can tell me that they can come into my place and take away my handguns and or handgun" questioned Lewis, "when I have done absolutely nothing wrong.  I stand and will always stand with firearm owners, always."

New Democrat incumbent for Windsor Tecumseh, Cheryl Hardcastle, says her party would go back to the table to re-negotiate the USMCA deal.

"When the new NAFTA as it's called" says Hardcastle, "is not being ratified because of certain glaring issues regarding fair trade, that means that we need to revisit it."

Windsor West Liberal candidate Sandra Pupatello responded on a question of Canada's relationship with President Trump.

"Brian Masse and Jagmeet Singh have openly called for his impeachment" stated Pupatello.  "And Jagmeet Singh reiterated it again the other day.  This is not the guy that I'm going to have finish the ratification of NAFTA after this election."

The Green Party candidates from all three ridings were also included in the debate, pointing out they are the only ones with a true climate change policy.