VIDEO: Vets Cab Recommends Partiers Bring Patience


If  you are celebrating New Year's with a drink or two, make sure you bring your patience.

General Manager of Vets Cab Walt Bezzina says it will have the full compliment of more than180 vehicles on city streets to get people home safe in an effort to try and prevent people from impaired driving.

"They should have a plan to get home safely in place before you take that first sip, if you wait until you are too impaired to drive, you are more than likely to make an impaired decision," he says.

He suggests people plan ahead and expect longer wait times indicating it won't be able to meet the usual 3-5 minute response.

Bezzina adds people only need to call once as they will be placed in a queue.

He recommends if you are downtown, it may be easier to just hail a cab and emphasizes there is no pre-booking after 4pm today.