VIDEO: WIFF Alley Pays Tribute to the Movies

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The 'WIFF Alley' is now open in downtown Windsor.

That's an alley between Chatham St. and University Ave. W., across from Phog Lounge, which was used by many between the Capitol Theatre and St. Clair Centre for the Arts.

As part of the Windsor International Film Festival, the alley has been remade as an urban transformation project to include improved lighting, artwork and murals.

That art work features a number of movie references.

Daniel Bombardier is one of the artists that worked on the art work and the murals in the alleyway and says he drew inspiration from the movies that sparked his interest in film and creativity.

"I have a lot of Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch and Chuck Palahniuk and different references that I loved. And then, some of the board members gave us their ideas," he says.

Bombardier says they try to do the murals because they care about the city and downtown.

"We don't like that there are some negative stigmas about it, it needs some rebranding," he says. "It's not so bad down here."

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An alley between Chatham St. and University Ave. W. before murals and art work were added as part of an urban transformation project. The alley is now known as the WIFF Alley. (Photo courtesy of Google Street View)

Bombardier says he does have a favourite out of all the murals featured in the alley.

"Mine would be the Fight Club reference, just because I hate the credit system," says Bombardier. It's the scene at the end when they're watching capitalism fall." 

Bombardier says it took 20 hours to layout their vision for the art work in the alley and then another 10 days to paint it.

WIFF runs from November 1st to the 10th and will feature 165 films from 29 different countries.

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— With files from AM800's Teresinha Medeiros

Movie references are depicted as part of art work and murals added to an alley in downtown Windsor, between Chatham St. and University Ave. W., now known as the 'WIFF Alley.' November 1, 2019 (Photo by Teresinha Medeiros)