VIDEO: Windsor Church Undergoes $240K in Renovations


A Windsor Church will now be open to all after $240,000 in renovations.

Around 50 Roseland Trinity United Church members and a few local politicians, including Ward 9 Councillor Kieran McKenzie, stopped in to see the finished product on Saturday.

The church is the product of a Roseland and Trinity Church amalgamation 10-years-ago, according to Lift Us Up Committee Chair Fran Hawkins.

She tells AM800 News the need to make the building at 3929 Howard Ave. fully accessible became an immediate priority for an aging congregation.

That's when the committee began fundraising for a ramp, elevator to the upper and lower floors, and a fully accessible bathroom.

"When you see people coming into church that can hardly go up the stairs, it's heart breaking, so we really pushed in this last 10-years to make this happen," says Hawkins. 

Parishioner Catharine MacDonald says it's inspiring to see the finished product already in use.

"Just wonderful to see the look on people's faces when they can come into the sanctuary and not have to climb those stairs," says MacDonald. "We've seen people come back who haven't been here for a while, so it's really inspiring and heartfelt."

Hawkins says the elevator to the churches lower level will also be a boost to the parish.

"They can come and enjoy our dinners when we have them, because that was another problem," says Hawkins. "We do allow other people to rent our building; it's just amazing what can happen now."

Hawkins adds the most exciting part of the church now being certified as fully accessible, is it can now serve as a polling station in Canada's 2019 Federal Election.