VIDEO: Windsor Man Acquitted of Six Charges


A 32-year-old Windsor man has been found not guilty after a home invasion in Essex.

On Thursday, Justice Pamela Hebner acquitted Joshua Erdodi of all counts.

He was facing six charges including robbery with a firearm, break and enter assault with a weapon and disguise with intent.

Justice Hebner told the court, the crown did not provide reasonable evidence and questioned the credibility of the witnesses and said some facts were being hidden.

Erdodi's lawyer Maria Carrocia says she and her client are relieved.

"He's relieved at the outcome, so he's happy about the result obviously," says Carrocia.

She says the evidence relied almost entirely on two particular witnesses who identified her client as one of the suspects involved in the home invasion. 

"As you heard from her honour, there was some real issues with the reliability and the credibility of those two particular witnesses and she ultimately found they were unreliable and would not found a conviction on the basis of that evidence," says Carrocia.

Erdodi previously pleaded not guilty.

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— With files from CTV Windsor