VIDEO: Windsor West MP Calls for Action On Ojibway Shores


The New Democrat MP for Windsor West is renewing a call for Windsor Port Authority Ojibway Shores lands to change hands.

Brian Masse is calling for the creation of a National Urban Park, which the lands would be signed over to.

Masse points to two recent events that show the move is possible — one being the announcement of nearly $10-million for much needed upgrades at Point Pelee National Park.

The other, the port authority's recent announcement on its economic impact in the community.

"I'm talking about how well they're doing as an institution financially and their contributions," says Masse. "It reinforces the fact that there's two things in play here. One that gets looked over a few times is that the port confirmed with me it costs them $70,000 a year to actually run Ojibway Shores in the state it is right now."  

Masse says saving Ojibway Shores is much less expensive than what was spent at Point Pelee.

"We saw the Point Pelee National Park finally get $10-million that has been requested for more than a decade for road infrastructure and other things" explains Masse.  "And all that's needed to protect this 100 species at risk is actually a signature.

He says the federal government can easily start the process at no cost.

"To get Ojibway Shores protected, transferred to the minister of the environment, he can do that from his desk today if he wants to" says Masse.  "There's a process involved with the Minister of transport that's very simple and the minister of environment and then we're saying bring in agencies to come down and have another discussion with regards to where do we go from here with regard to a National Urban Park."

Masse points to his recent public meeting on the idea of creating a national urban park at Ojibway Shores.

He says it has received wide support from the community.

Meanwhile, Windsor City Council will not be closing Matchette Rd. or Malden Rd. in the Ojibway Prairie Complex.

Seasonal closures of both roads to protect migrating animals were discussed at length Monday night with council ultimately deciding to keep the roads open, but to investigate permanent solutions during 2020 budget deliberations.