VIDEO: Woman Cycling to Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking


A Windsor woman is getting set to cycle to Ottawa to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Dominique Holley says she's not a victim or expert on the subject, just a person who wants to help others.

She tells CTV Windsor she'll be using roads along Hwy 401 — a hotbed for human trafficking in Ontario.

"I was always like, well, 'if I was over in another country and human trafficking was happening, I would do something about it' and then when I heard it was happening in Ontario, it was growing in Ontario, I decided I had to do something about it," says Holley.

She tells CTV Windsor the majority of Canada's human trafficking is happening right here in Ontario.

"It wasn't until about four years ago that I heard human trafficking was happening in Ontario and it shocked me. Two thirds of human trafficking cases that have been reported in Canada happen in Ontario and so I wanted to educate and raise awareness about it in Ontario," says Holley.

She tells CTV Windsor her trip is all about spreading the message that human trafficking is real.

"I truly believe that human trafficking as a criminal activity can only exist where a lack of knowledge also exists," says Holley. "So if more people are aware of it, I don't think it can really exist."

The 29-year-old filmmaker and entrepreneur will begin the 1,100-kilometre trek to the nation's capital Tuesday morning.

Holley's journey will take her through 26 cities including Chatham, Sarnia and London.

The federal government has committed $57-million over the next five years to help stop human trafficking.

With files from CTV Windsor