VIDEO: WPL Prepares For Move


As of end of business Wednesday, the second floor of the Windsor Public Library (WPL) Central Branch will be closed to the public.

For the next six weeks, the space will be used for staff to organize the collections in preparation for the move to the Paul Martin Building.

Library CEO Kitty Pope expects moving trucks to be ready to load within the first two weeks of January.

She expects the move will take anywhere from 10 to 12 days.

"We will the central library open while we're working over at the Paul Martin and we'll likely have both locations open for a day or two as we help people transition to 150 Ouellette," says Pope.

Anything currently on the second floor that people access everyday, such as computers and audio video resources are all on rollers, so Pope says it will all be moved to the first floor.

"We will move some of our actual furniture because people use this as a study space," she says. "So we've created an open area on the main floor for some quiet study as well, so we're hoping to accommodate people as much as we can."

As for the Paul Martin Building, Pope says work continues.

"We have finished the renovations on the non-public second floor. We are working right now on tiling the bathrooms, we've finished the painting, we'll be laying the carpet. finishing that back door that looks out onto that parking lot and we should be good to go by the third week of January."

Pope told AM800 News in July, that the plan is to stay at the Paul Martin building for five to seven years.

The city is spending $1.5-million to renovate the space to accommodate the library.

The current central branch at 850 Ouellette has been sold to the Downtown Mission that will convert the space for its administration, food services, shelter and 30 transitional apartments.