Villanova Prepares for Remembrance Day Ceremony


St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School in LaSalle is getting ready for its Remembrance Day ceremony.

On Wednesday, students placed more than 300 wooden crosses on the school's front lawn.

Vice-Principal Laura Beltran says the crosses were made by the school's construction students over the past couple of years.

"Originally the idea behind it was to create 158 crosses to represent those Canadians killed in the war in Afghanistan and over the last couple of years, we've actually increased to over 300 and along with the crosses is a display where we create an Honour Guard on Remembrance Day," says Beltran.

She feels the crosses are leaving their mark on the community.

"I even had calls from people in the general public who are not from this area, who were quite impressed with what they saw," says Beltran.  "They were impacted emotionally be the visual display."

The school will host its Remembrance Day ceremony on Monday.

Beltran says some students will stand on guard in front of the crosses, in honour of veterans who lost their lives.