Vincent Massey bringing back Children's Holiday Party this weekend


A return this weekend for a holiday event put on by Vincent Massey Secondary School.

They're hosting a Children's Holiday Party on Saturday, December 9, which is a charitable event hosted by Massey students to help support underserved children in the Windsor region during the holidays. 

More than 180 children from West Gate Public School, General Brock Public School, Frank W. Begley Public School, and Prince Edward Public School will be invited to Massey to take part.

The Holiday Party is a tradition, but due to the pandemic it had been cancelled for the past few years. 

Evan Sun and Diane Nguyen, party co-chairs, say this is their opportunity to revitalize the event and their team has worked diligently to make it a success.

Sun says they recognize many kids from low-income families don't have access to the same festivities, so they're providing them with a day of themed activities, gifts, and food. 

"It was something we really wanted to bring back, especially because of the pandemic. It was pretty hard bringing it back because a lot of the experience we had was through students that were graduated now, so we were pretty much starting from scratch," he said.

Nguyen says the students will go to their regular elementary schools, and buses will come pick them up and drop them off at Massey.

"Some of our execs will help guide them into a room, pair them up with a volunteer, and they're travelling in groups of 20 kids and 20 volunteers. Then they'll go station to station doing things like cookie decorating, face paint, bracelet making. Once that's all done and they have a little goodie bag then they'll go get lunch and then they'll get their gifts," she said.

Sun says this is his second year planning for the event.

"It's such a positive experience being able to see all of our hard work translated into the smiles we're able to put on these children's faces. They're just so happy, being able to receive something from us and being in a new area with all of these really generous volunteers, I thought it was just really nice."

Nguyen says due to the pandemic Massey hasn't been able to run a lot of the events they used to put on.

"One thing our committee also runs is Massey Night Social, which helps fund the Children's Holiday Party, and so it was great being able to bring that back as well," she continued. "Because of my experience, my Grade 9 year, I didn't get to do a lot because of Covid and the pandemic so it's really nice to be able to provide these new opportunities to all the students again."

Kids will arrive at Massey at 8:15 a.m. on Saturday, and the event will conclude at 1:30 p.m.

Vincent Massey is located at 1800 Liberty Street.

Organizers are also planning on doing a gift delivery for Queen Victoria Public School next week.