Vital Signs Survey for 2022 now live


The WindsorEssex Community Foundation, along with local community leaders and partners, have launched the 2022 Vital Signs Survey to the community.

It's used as a component of the Vital Signs Report, released every October, which highlights local, provincial, and national data pertaining to various areas of the community.

That includes housing, food security, health, wellness and activity, learning, and the environment.

Executive director Lisa Kolody says the survey asks questions around 11 issue areas.

"First we ask how do you feel about the area? Do you think we're doing well, do you think it needs improvement. Then in each of the areas we ask what the communities priorities are. For example in health, wellness and activity some of the top priorities came across as improving access to mental health, improving access to health professionals, and improving access to sports and physical activity," she said.

By completing the Vital Signs Survey, residents can help shape the Vital Signs report to make sure there's an ongoing dialogue about what's important to the people that live in the region.

Kolody says in recent years housing has become one of the worst rated issue areas, while improved access to transit and public space have become more important.

"Where the community has said we really want more walking trails, we want more public transportation, and in Windsor-Essex we really want to see a regional transportation system where people can cross the municipal borders."

This is the seventh year the WECF has been part of the national Vital Signs program, and the results are combined with other data from sources like Statistics Canada to create an all-encompassing report for the region.

She says they use the data gleaned through the Vital Signs Report when the foundation is making decisions.

"We use that data to say this is what the priorities of the community are, and how are these programs and services addressing those communities," Kolody continued. "As I said under health and wellness, we know that mental health continues to be a top priority, so when we're looking at programs in health we're looking to fund some projects that support mental health."

The Vital Signs Survey is available online for residents to complete through the WECF website.

Those who complete the survey in full have the opportunity to enter for a chance to win $100, and paper copies are also available by contacting the WECF office.


- with files from AM800's The Morning Drive