Voting to Rename 'Suicide Hill' Coming to a Close


The renaming contest for a hill dubbed "Suicide Hill" in east Windsor is coming to a close.

Back in May, the local chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association started a renaming contest for the hill at Little River Park. 

Director of Communications and Mental Health Promotion Kim Willis says they received about 1000 submissions and the submissions have been narrowed down to the top 5.

She says the finalists are Hope Hill, Little River Hill, Riverside Hill, Thrill Hill and Sara Anne Widholm Hill.

"Those were some that we saw repeated several times in our submissions and I think any of those would be a great improvement over referring to it as Suicide Hill," she says.

Willis says the goal is to announce the winning name in September during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

"Once we know what the final recommendation is, we will put together a letter to go to Windsor City Council for their consideration that we permanently rename the hill with a proper name that the community has supported," says Willis.

In May, Willis told AM800 news, language matters and combating the stigma related to suicide starts with how we talk about it.

She added a local paramedic brought the issue to the association's attention and the name "Suicide Hill" can be offensive to some.

The naming contest wraps up on Friday