W.E. Transgender and Allied Support Office Vandalized a Third Time


For the third time in a week, vandals have hit the Windsor-Essex Transgender and Allied Support office.

Executive Director Alexander Reid says more racist and homophobic slurs as well as a broken window were discovered Monday at the office located in the 1400-block of Tecumseh Road East.

Reid says he's worried about the safety of those who come and go from the office.

"I do have some fear for our community members and for the staff and volunteers. I'm very grateful that all of us are working from home and no one was injured, but I would say it's an emotional day for me for sure," he says.

Windsor police launched an investigation following a similar incident last week, calling the issue a hate crime.

Reid says frustration is starting to grow.

"I'm feeling distressed by the hatred that's in the hearts of these individuals who are doing the damage," he says. "It's causing a lot of difficulties for us in setting up the security system, now replacing the window, fixing the floors, all the media and the police, it does take a lot out of you."

Reid says a local company has stepped up to help upgrade the building's security system.

"Security One actually donated about $2,500 worth of video surveillance with more secure camera systems. So we're getting that installed on Monday and we're going to be having some cameras out front to hopefully catch these folks if they plan to do it again," he adds.

The W.E. Trans Support office is currently closed for renovations and the organization has launched a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of repairs.

Anyone with information about the defacing of the property is urged to contact city police or Crime Stoppers.


With files from Rob Hindi