Wagering Up 22% at Leamington Raceway


The Lakeshore Horse Racing Association is in the winner's circle.

At its Annual General Meeting Thursday night, members heard wagering is up at the Leamington Raceway by 22 percent in 2019, compared to the previous year, making it the highest of any of the 14 tracks in Ontario.

"In fact, the second track to show an increase was only a five percent increase," says association executive member Tom Bain.

The 13-race days ran from August 4th to October 27th.

Bain says Leamington races have become more family friendly and he believes it has helped to attract more people.

"It was great to see the grand stand both top and bottom was full with people Sunday after Sunday, seeing attendance up, and as a result, betting was up 22%," he says. 

He says the figures should help in negotiations for more race dates.

"Hope it sends a message to the province that stop trying to shut down racing down here in the Leamington, Lakeshore area," says Bain.  "Se have proven we have a high level of racing here."

The 2020 race season will also include 13-race dates and this will be the last year of the association's current contract with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

Bain hopes to reach another five year agreement to secure more races.