WATCH: Charges Anticipated After Another Protest in Windsor


Charges are anticipated after another protest against COVID-19 restrictions in downtown Windsor over the weekend.

More than 50 people gathered at the foot of The Great Canadian flag for speeches before marching up Ouellette Avenue Sunday.

Bystanders walking along the riverfront shouted at protesters clustered together without masks, triggering several verbal altercations.

The group is threatening to gather in public daily for briefings similar to those held virtually by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.

"They want to talk about death from COVID-19. They want to talk about how people are not following the rules," the speaker said. "We're going to have evening daily briefings and candle-light vigils and we're going to speak about how this lie has destroyed people's lives."

Windsor Police Service was on hand for the protest and observing from a distance. Police tell AM800 News they're investigating the incident and will be identifying and charging organizers under the Reopening Ontario Act.

No public gatherings are permitted as the province remains under the grey lockdown level to stop the spread of COVID-19.