WATCH: City Ready for First Snowfall...Whenever it is


With the weather changing, the City of Windsor says it is ready for the winter months.

Executive Director of Operations Dwayne Dawson says planning for the winter season started in September.

He says staff has been trained, the schedule has been set and plows are ready.

Dawson says the city's salt dome has also been filled.

"Our salt dome has recently be loaded with 6000 tons of salt in advance of the season and also the brine for that salt and for our roads is also been loaded up," says Dawson.  

He says the city has six large snow plows.

"Our large snow plows are concentrated on our E.C. Row, arterial roads and collector roads while a lot of our smaller trucks move into the harder to reach spaces and the radiuses on different streets and try to clean up areas that the larger trucks can't get into safely," he says.   

Dawson says residents can visit the city's website for more information on the snow removal plan.