WATCH: Public Input Needed for City Hall Plaza and Civic Esplanade


The City of Windsor is looking for public input to create a multi-use space in front of Windsor's recently completed City Hall.

Senior Urban Planner Adam Coates says it's the next phase of creating a plaza in the blank slate where Windsor's former City Hall once stood. He says a civic esplanade will stretch off the plaza that will incorporate existing structures all the way to Windsor's riverfront.

Coates says all ideas are welcome, but the space needs to appeal to everyone.

"It needs to be programmable and useable from the city's standpoint, but also programmable for someone who might want to book the space and use it if there was an art festival or something going on," he added.

The idea is to create amenities that can be used all year, according to Coates.

"We need the space to be flexible for all seasons ... this way we can maximize the public dollars that go into the space and maximize the use throughout the year," he says.

Coates says the COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important greenspace can be, so the plan will look to incorporate lots of room to walk around.

"To have space out doors that's usable that has maybe events going on that's programmable where people can spend the plethora of their time; it seems to be more important than ever," says Coates.

The city has launched a survey through its website with an interactive map.

Coates says the input from those surveys will be used to come up with some renderings that will be part of the next wave of public input sessions.