WATCH: Social Circles Paused, Masks Mandatory Across Ontario


You may want to rethink your Thanksgiving plans now that the Ontario government has put a pause on social circles.

As part of the daily briefing, Premier Ford and other government officials asked people across the province to now only come in close contact with those inside their household as COVID-19 cases spike to unprecedented levels.

There are also new restrictions certain businesses in three COVID-19 hotspots.

As of 12:01 a.m. Saturday, restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Ottawa and Peel Region must limit capacity to 100. Toronto Public Health has already decided to limit capacity to 75.

There is also now a maximum of six people allowed per table and each customer’s contact information must be collected for contact tracing.

The government has also announced a pause on any further businesses reopening for the next 28 days.

As of Saturday, there will be a province-wide mandatory mask order for indoor public settings, including businesses, facilities and workplaces.

Prior to Friday’s announcement, Ontario residents were allowed to create 10-person social circles, which could include those who did not live in their household.

"We're in a second wave of COVID-19 and as premier it's my duty to protect the people," said Premier For. "My friends, this is serious."

Ford said limiting contact with those outside the household will be "especially important" to consider ahead of Thanksgiving.

The province said that anyone who lives alone can create a social circle with another household.

"We're just asking people, please try and keep your gatherings small, to immediate household, as much as possible," Health Minister Christine Elliott said. "But as the premier said, there a number of people who do live alone, who are experiencing isolation,, we want them to be able to have connection to another group for mental health and social purposes."

— With files from CTV Toronto