'We’re entering a golden era': Local MP on auto investment announcement

stellantis announcement cp

Yet another boost for Windsor as the federal and provincial governments, along with Stellantis, chip in on $3.6 billion in investments.

The investments that will go towards retooling and modernizing Windsor Assembly Plant and creating new R&D facilities in the city are the latest in a string of good news for the region.

Windsor-Tecumseh MP Irek Kusmierczyk says Windsor is in for plenty of growth and prosperity.

“We’re entering a golden era of prosperity for this community, and it’s just tremendous. At the heart of it is the workers. The men and women that work on the line every single day, and put their hearts and souls into it. We have the best workforce in the world.”

He says the effects will be felt throughout the community.

“It’s going to effect theatres, it’s going to affect restaurants, it’s going to affect retail. Whenever Stellantis and auto does well in this community, everyone does well in this community, and so this is an exciting day,” he said.

Kusmierczyk says investments like this are once in a generation.

“This is another good day for Windsor-Essex, it’s a great day for Windsor-Essex. It builds upon the momentum that we built with the $5 billion battery plant. These are generational investments. These are making sure that we’re on a path to prosperity here for decades to come.”

Kusmierczyk had recently told AM800 News great things are coming for Windsor. 

On top of this recent announcement, Stellantis had previously announced a $5 billion EV battery plant for the city.

And, in an unrelated note, Amazon recently announced a separate boost to the local economy in the form of a fulfillment centre.