WECHU standing by decision to delay all extra-curricular activities


The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is standing by its recommendation to postpone all extra-curricular activities until at least October at area elementary and secondary schools.

CEO Nicole Dupuis says the health unit has received a lot of questions about its decision. She says the recommendation allows for time for students to get into the classroom for learning and also gives public health time to monitor the rate of COVID-19 transmission.

She says the region has one of the highest COVID-19 case rates in the province and one of the lowest vaccination rates among youth in the province.

"We understand and promote the importance of extra-curricular activities and what they add to a feeling of community and well-being for children and youth, however reducing transmission and keeping kids in school for learning must be our top priority," says Dupuis.     

She says the health unit understands its decision is disappointing to students, athletes and clubs but stands by the recommendation.

"We are encouraged that our local school boards have implemented this along side numerous other practices which were brought forward with the best interest and evidence for students and families in mind," says Dupuis.          

The health unit announced its recommendation about week before the start of the school year.