Weekend rally aims to promote workers' rights through political action


Local workers and civil society activists will be rallying this weekend in Windsor, alongside 20 other rallies taking place across the province Sunday.

The Community Rallies are titled “Fight for a Better Ontario”, and the movement is meant to promote more action from the government in terms of aid for families and better conditions and pay for workers. The rally lands on May 1st, which is international workers’ day.

Interim President of the Windsor District Labour Council Mario Spagnuolo believes the provincial government has let down Ontario’s workers, and there should be a change in who’s in charge after the June 2 provincial election.

He said Ontarians’ needs haven’t been met by Ford’s government.

“... and then just the attack on workers from the very beginning." Spagnuolo began. "This government has taken over power by freezing the wages of healthcare workers, cutting the minimum wage. One of the first things they did was attack the minimum wage increases implemented by the previous government.”

He added, the rally is a movement focused on changing the status quo.

“There needs to be a government that cares about people before profit. May 1st is a perfect time to start that mobilization, to get people ready to think about what could be done better.”

Spagnuolo said the goal is to make change for the benefit of everyday Ontarians.

“...having a good discussion, and to make change that impacts every day people. Not the rich, not those who are well off, but the people that have been struggling for the past few years. We want to make sure that Ontario works for them,” he said.

Organizers are supporting ideas like $20 minimum wage, affordable housing, paid sick days, and other social causes.

The rally will take place at Charles Clark Square on May 1st, at 1:00 P.M.