Wet and Windy Halloween in Windsor-Essex


Many neighbourhoods throughout Windsor-Essex saw a bit of a drop in traffic due to a cold wet and miserable Halloween night.

With downpours and cold howling winds at times there weren’t many trick-or-treaters to be found in some areas.

"We've had trick-or-treaters but it has been far and few between," says one Windsor home owner. "We've even had parents going out for their kids because they're not comfortable with their kids being out in this weather."

Putting festivities off until the weather cleared drew mixed reviews.

"I feel like they should have but I don't think you can because it's tradition," and "It's been happening for so long so I feel like if we changed it, it would be bad," were just a couple of the comments.

Montreal made the controversial choice to postpone Halloween due to bad weather rolling through that region.