WFCU Centre Tim Horton's Closes Its Doors


Another business has fallen victim to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Tim Horton's location inside the WFCU Centre has closed permanently.

That's according to Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens who says the coffee shop opted not to renew its contract with the arena.

"It's a space that, in normal times, would be very, very busy and I would expect by the end of 2021, certainly into 2022, when hockey and the facilities start reopening to what we consider to be normal you'll have another operator," says Dilkens.  "Perhaps Tim Horton's will come back, but there will certainly be another operator that's interested in using that space."

He says the operation has been staple for arena-goers for years.

"When the facility is closed or has limited capacity, they just couldn't even draw enough people to even cover paying their employees," he says.  "So they had to make a decision. It was a tough decision. Even, I'm sure, if we gave them free rent they still wouldn't have the ability to generate a profit."

Dilkens says many businesses are feeling the pinch as the pandemic drags on.

"Clearly the last year has been very challenging and the prospect of business success here at the WFCU over the next year is going to continue to be challenging," says Dilkens.  "So the franchisee had to make a decision on whether or not to proceed and continue to operate this centre. It didn't make much sense, so they have notice of termination."

The Tim Horton's has been located in the WFCU Centre since it opened in 2008.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi