Wheatley's main road to re-open following an explosion


Plans are underway to re-open Erie Street North in Wheatley for the first time since an explosion rocked the municipality in 2021. 

Fencing is being put up along both sides of the road, north of Talbot Road, and buildings along the west side still have prohibited access and the east side contains a revised evacuation zone which was recently reduced as there are no more single-family residences. 

Officials are planning to re-open two lanes of traffic within the next two-weeks and options for pedestrian traffic are being discussed. 

A scrubber system to capture H2S gas emissions is now operational and will remain in place for six-months, pending a further review, and the current flare stack will remain on site as a back-up system. 

A report with the updates will go to Chatham-Kent council next week. 

A gas leak on August 26, 2021 led to an explosion on Erie Street North, sending three people to hospital.