Wild Turkeys Invading Lakeshore


Wild turkeys are invading the Municipality of Lakeshore.

Mayor Tom Bain says he has been receiving calls from residents about the birds.

He says they're being spotted outside of the rural areas, with more being seen in Belle River and Woodslee.

Bain says it appears there are two flocks at the opposite ends of Woodslee with each flock having between 15 to 20 turkeys.

"We have small flocks of them in town," says Bain.  "Seems to be a lot more turkeys out there this year than generally and they're looking for food in the towns now that not getting it out in the rural areas, they're moving into the town."

He says the birds are also impacting traffic in Belle River and causing property damage.

"Mainly because of a safety factor right in the town of Belle River where they're on the main street and just slowly saunter across and hold up the traffic one way and as they get to the other side and then they're making the traffic stop all the way on the other side so kind of a safety factor," he says.  "Other complaints of actual damage that they're doing when they're roosting at night and tearing eaves troughs off of garages and off of homes and other buildings.  So quite a bit of invasion of the turkeys coming in from the rural areas that and moving right into our little town."

Bain adds he was recently at the municipal building and was sitting in his office on the phone with a resident complaining about the turkeys.

He says while he was on the phone, he heard pecking at his window and looked outside and saw a turkey.

Bain says there was another pecking at the main door of the municipal building.