Wind Storm Impacts Pelee Island


The clean up continues on Pelee Island after Sunday's storm.

Mayor Ray Durocher says luckily no one was injured but there is plenty of debris on the west side of the island.

He says some buildings were damaged but there was no flooding.

Durocher says the storm also knocked out power on the island.

"A couple of fellows went around and started the generators and we run on generators almost all night," says Durocher.  "There's some damage to solar wind panels and some of the houses got damaged."  

Durocher says the west side of the island was hit by the storm.

"The west shore is very prone to damage with the west wind with debris being tossed up on the road but that is being cleared off now," says Durocher.   

He says the ferry service was also cancelled on Sunday because of the storm.

The ferry service scheduled for 10am and 1pm Monday were also cancelled due unsafe wind conditions.