Windsor Assembly Plant Shutdown Continues for at Least Another Week


The Windsor Assembly Plant will be shut down for at least another week.

According to Unifor Local 444, the plant will be idle the week of April 26.

Unifor Local 444 President Dave Cassidy says he was informed Friday morning by the auto maker that production is currently scheduled to resume May 3.

"We'll now be down the week of April 26 then we're scheduled to be back on May 3 so that was the news that came this morning to me but we'll see what happens from there," says Cassidy.  

The plant has been shut down since March 29 due to a shortage of microchips.

"The reality is I mean, they're juggling trying to put where they can get it, the microchip and they're moving different plants trying to move things around based on what their supply is," says Cassidy.     

There was a previous three week shutdown in February due to a worldwide shortage of semiconductors, which are used to make microchips.   

According to Cassidy, the microchips are predominantly made in East Asia and are a major component in modern vehicles.

They are also used for phones, gaming consoles and thousands of electronically operated devices.