Windsor Catholic Student Research Prompts School to Compost


One Grade 3 student at St. Angela Catholic elementary school in Windsor has learned she can make a difference in the environment.

After learning about the wildfires in Australia and climate change, eight-year-old Olivia Ryan spent time over her Christmas holidays researching about the benefits of composting.

She then voluntarily did a project and presentation before the parent advisory council and the school has decided to implement green bins in each classroom.

The school held an assembly Friday morning to teach students how the green bins work and what food waste to place in them.

Ryan says it was important for her to make a difference in the environment.

"I just pretty much wanted to change the environment and how things are going because it can get worse, really fast," she says.

Ryan says she has talked with her classmates about how the green bins work, explaining  "Things that will be going into the composting bin is like, any food waste, that will be picked up and put into the piles at the company."

Ryan's teacher Cailin Bosnyak says Olivia is setting a good example for others.

"She is an inspiration for people, for her own peers," she says. "They need to understand that the impact and the changes they can make in their own school and how far reaching and lasting those actions can be in our world."

As part of her presentation, Ryan also included ways to raise funds to pay for the green bin program which the school is picking up the cost of.

The City of Windsor has discussed ways of introducing organic waste recycling to try and bring up local recycling levels but no plans have been implemented